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How Navienne Towels are Reimagining

Pool Trips and Beach Days Worldwide

There’s a reason why celebrities, influencers, and everyday beachgoers alike are switching to Navienne towels. With iconic designs and countless features, these eco-friendly beach towels are more than just stylish… They make a meaningful impact! 

1. Saving our oceans, 20 plastic bottles at a time

As you lay down to overlook the ocean, have you ever seen plastic wash up on the beach? Or maybe you’ve heard about the over 8 million tons of plastic in our oceans? 

With every Navienne towel purchase, you can take peace of mind knowing that you’re doing your part to pull 20 plastic bottles out of our oceans. That’s because each towel is made from recycled plastic. At the same time, 10% of your purchase goes to marine wildlife preservation, an initiative we can all get behind. 

2. Enjoy sandy shoreswithout getting sand everywhere

Everyone wants to enjoy the beach… until there’s sand in your pockets, purse, car, and somehow, bedsheets. The culprit? Your towel! 

Navienne towels are not only ultra-absorbent to quickly dry off pool and salt water, but also sand-proof for a cleaner (and less scratchy) beach visit. Give it a shake or brush and you’ll see that the sand doesn’t stick! 

3. Take your Navienne towel anywhere without a full tote bag

You don’t realize how inconvenient a full tote bag is until you stop lugging one to the beach every time. Navienne towels fold into the size of a magazine and double as a small travel blanket, meaning your beach trip doesn’t have to turn into a shoulder workout. 

4. Discreetly carry valuables 

You’ve been there before… 

You want to jump in the ocean, go surfing, or play beach volleyball but don’t want to leave your phone, keys, and cards behind. 

That’s why Navienne towels feature a hiddencorner pocket that’s perfect for keeping your belongings safe. After all, thieves don’t target towels. So go ahead, spend a little more time in the water without looking back at the beach every ten seconds. 

5. An inspiringnamesake

Navienne is centered on two key tenants. While Navi is a reminder of our innate desire to navigate new adventures, enne symbolizes the serenitywe can all enjoy by finding our own little piece of paradise. 

No matter where you take your Navienne towel, remember that now is always a good time to give back to our earth, live in the present, and enjoy the people we bring along the way. 

Our Towels are made of recycled water bottles and a portion of the proceeds goes towards marine wild life preservation. Every purchase is not only for yourself but supports the sustainability of our beaches and planet.
Navienne was founded by Rich during his travels to Puerto Rico. Rich and his friends Marco and Kevin had a blast soaking up rays at the picturesque El Dorado Beach. That evening, the sky put on a show and changed colors an array of times before setting into the turquoise blue waters. Having enjoyed a near-perfect beach outing, it was finally time to head back to the hotel to recharge before evening festivities. It was then that all had gone dark; when they realized their car key was missing. After searching through every other grain of sand, they at last admitted defeat and embarked on an hour+ journey home by foot. Never wanting to experience a traumatic ending to a beach day again, Rich needed a towel that could act in place of a pocket or purse so he would never misplace a key again. He designed a towel with a hidden zippered compartment so that he could store his small valuables securely and discretely. But it didn’t stop there. Rich was determined to make the best and most versatile beach towel possible so he brainstormed ways he could improve his idea even more. Navienne towels are designed to deflect sand and dry 2x quicker than average! Rich found an innovative material that’s not only highly functional but also made from plastic bottles! Each towel is made using 20 bottles collected straight from the ocean, directly helping the turquoise blue waters and marine life that he loves most. Navienne towels are created to stand out in an ocean of people. They boast vibrant colors so you never have to search hard for your spot or friends; an Instaworthy towel that is not only lightweight and eco, but also where practicality meets nostalgia. Our prints are inspired by fond memories of the tropics. Wherever you may be, these towels will always remind you of your favorite palm tree filled vacations.
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